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5 great results of Positive Attachments

Starting from birth, the attachment relationships of children with important adults provide the foundation for their social and emotional development.

While a child’s main attachment is usually with a parent, children are also able to develop strong attachments with other adults in their lives like childcare practitioners and grandparents.

Positive attachments provide a strong foundation for:

1. Developing a sense of inner confidence and self-efficacy

- Being able to make decisions or choices

2. Expressing curiosity and eagerness to explore the environment

- Asking questions

- Explores materials

3. Regulating emotions and behavior

- Able to label feelings, express appropriately

4. Enjoying harmony and pleasure in relationship with others, including peers

5. Having the capacity to build secure and enduring relationships throughout life

*all images are taken from Wix


August marks back to school and new children in groups. Here is an activity that can help the ECEs, caregiver/s or parents, and the other children to learn more about each other and appreciate our similarities and differences.


Flower activity – put child’s photo or name in the middle and each petal will represent a new thing we learned about the child (especially for those group with new children)

For home: Make one for each child or each person in the family

This can be a continuous activity and you can keep adding petals as you learn new things about each other.

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