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Attachment Mobile Activity

Block 1 teaches us that trusting relationships with parents and caregivers promotes the social and emotional well-being of children.
One way parents and caregivers can build emotional well-being is to pay attention to a child's cue or signal when they are trying to communicate.

This activity is called Attachment Mobile

For this activity, we will need:

- branch or stick

- string

- beads

This activity encourages the creation and/or remembrance of experiences between parent and child that shows a trusting relationship and secure attachment.

The idea is that, for every 'attachment moment', you put a bead in a string.

Examples of 'attachment moments':

- When your baby/child cries and you respond to them or knew what they needed

- When your child looks at you with a smile and you see their beautiful eyes.

- When you sit down and read a book together, or sing songs

- When your child comes for a hug

- When you look at your sleeping and calm child

Anytime that there is a warm feeling inside of you, put a bead in the string. You can choose a color that represent a moment. Keep going until your strings are full and you are able to hang this mobile.



1. You can also make attachment bracelets. Instead of tying it to a string, you make it into a bracelet for you and your child. This is also great to do alongside your child and you can talk as you make the activity.

2. (if you have more than one child) You can color coordinate the beads for each child. You can also make one mobile for each child to hang in their rooms.

3. If you do not have beads, stick and string, you can use different kinds of stickers on a paper and frame your activity. You can also do stamps or fingerprints.


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