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Postcards from Home

Block 1: Building Trust and Attachment

It is particularly important for children to make relational investments and healthy attachments because this helps strengthen their emotional and social well-being.


Postcards from Home

For this activity, we will need:

- Blank postcards (this can be made by cutting out of a card stock) or use left over Holiday Cards

- Postage Stamps (for sending out)

- Pens/Pencils/Markers

- Old Magazines

- Scissors and Glue

For ECEs, Parents and Caregivers:

- Make a Postcard to send to a child or children in your care. Make it simple by using simple language i.e. use a smiley face sticker and write “You are my happiness”. If there is more than one child, you can make one for each child or make one postcard to address all children.

- While doing this, think about messages you think children need to hear from parents, caregivers, and adults in their lives.

- Also brainstorm on other ways that you can show love and affection to a child or children such as snuggle time, reading favorite book, or doing an outdoor activity together.

For Preschoolers:

- Make a Postcard for peers, relatives, or people in the community such as essential workers.

- Help them send postcards. Encourage positive and kind language.

- They can also make one for themselves and encourage them to think about what they love about themselves.

For Toddlers:

- Help them make the activity for family members or relatives. Do the activity with them.

- Keep it simple. Let them help with drawings or putting a picture on.

- Let them send the mail with you.

- You can do one general postcard with help from all the children.

- Encourage positive and kind language such as thank you, love, smile, etc.

Other suggestions:

  • These postcards can be saved as a keepsake or posting them on the wall.

  • This can be a good craft to do on birthdays and special days for family, friends, and relatives.

  • During this time, this is also a nice gesture to do for people who are working through this global pandemic to keep us all safe and healthy.

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