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You are a star!

We all need to have the feeling of being valued, especially by those who are close to us. This builds great self-esteem and enhances a child's social and emotional development as discussed in Block 2: Promoting and Enhancing Self-Esteem.

Children benefit greatly when they know that the adults in their life are recognizing their strengths, qualities and personal gifts.

Craft: You are a Star!


  • Star cut-out (paper or cardboard)

  • A photo (if available)

  • Writing materials (pens, markers)

  • Designing materials (glitter, stickers, stamps)


Create a star for your child by writing down their positive qualities, attributes and strengths all around the star.

This activity will help you, as an adult, to see the positive things and appreciate them.

For Preschoolers:

  • Read a story pertaining to the topic before doing the activity to be able to have children understand the idea of looking for the best in yourself.

  • Ask them the question of 'What are you good at?' ' What do you like best about yourself?' 'What do other people like about you?'

  • Let them personalize their own star as much as they can. They can choose the color of their star and you can help them think of things about themselves to write around the star.

  • This can be a good 'friendship or family' craft or gift if a child is able to describe positive qualities of someone else. You can have options ready for them to choose from.

For Toddlers:

  • Prepare them for the craft by reading stories and singing songs about liking oneself or finding positive qualities in others.

  • Make sure to keep it simple. i.e. "I like your smile."

  • You can use photos instead of words.

  • Include them in the making of the Star.

This activity can also be done by a child for themselves or for other people like their parents, siblings, teachers.

This can also be a nice present for workers who kept working to keep us safe and healthy through this uncertain times.

You can frame and hang the Stars. Each child's Stars can be a milestone remembrances.

Book Suggestions:

  • I like Myself! by Beaumont K.

  • It's Okay to be different by Todd Parr

  • What I like about Me by Zobel-Nolan, A.

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