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7 Self-Care examples you can try!

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

The Handle with Care Program promotes self-care for parents and caregivers because it recognizes that in having this role, there can be a great amount of joy but it also comes with challenges.

Self-care helps parents and caregivers identify and meet their own needs and allowing them to be able to create a nurturing and loving environment for the children.

Adults and children share the same six categories of basic needs: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual and creative.

Some examples of Self-Care:

Take a Bubble Bath

Bubble baths are an easy and calming way to let your body heal. Having a rested position in the tub, the relaxed atmosphere, and the hot water all work together to help you wind down after a long day. Allowing your muscles to relax stimulates blood flow and lower tensions. Do one and feel the benefit!

Give yourself a foot massage

This is another way to easily relax after a busy day. We use out feet consistently through the day and they deserve relaxation as well. Massaging and relaxing your feet will help with your blood flow.

Walk in nature

Pay attention to what you can see, hear, taste, feel and smell

(Smell flower, taste spruce tips, listen to the birds, feel the water, look at the clouds)

Spirit Canyon
Distance: 4 km
Elevation Gain: 162 m (531 ft)
Time: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Just barely viewable from the Alaska Highway north of Whitehorse, Spirit Canyon is a beautiful area to explore. The views on the hike to and from the canyon are beautiful, with the expansive Takhini River Valley below and the Ibex Valley to the southeast and the Sifton Range to the northeast. The canyon itself is a special place with big rock walls which are used by rock climbers.

Hiking is a great way to get those steps in and be able to enjoy our beautiful home.

Let us know if you have tried Spirit Canyon!

Meditate or Pray

Having motivation setting in the morning helps set the mood for the day whether it be through prayer, meditation or affirmations. Set goals like "Today, I will smile even if the day gets tough."

Try some Deep Breathing

Deep breathing have been proven to help our minds and bodies relax, cope and get through tough emotions and situations.

Learn a phrase from a new language

Being focused on a task such as learning a new language helps us divert our attention away from negative thoughts. Enjoy this video and hopefully you can learn how to say thank you in Filipino!

Write down your favorite part of the day

Like starting your day with positive thoughts, it is also a great way to debrief the day by reflecting on your favorite moment or least favorite moment of the day. This helps you process through the emotions that might have affected your day. This is also a great practice to have conversations during dinner time or bed time with your children or family members. Great way to connect with each other.


Let us know if you have a favorite self-care method and we can add that into our list!

Enjoy the Summer heat and stay hydrated! :)

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