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Handouts & Books

All of the books are available through the Yukon Public Libraries or at the Child Development Centre library. 

Apps & Websites

Please let us know if you have a favourite app or website to add to this list -

The Kissing Hand
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Meditations for Kids



IMG_3694 2.jpg

Breathe Kids

IMG_3697 2.jpg

Booster Buddy

IMG_3688 2.jpg

Positive Penguins

IMG_3689 2.jpg

Super Stretch

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IMG_3698 2.jpg

Smiling Mind

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IMG_3692 2.jpg

Deep Breathing...

IMG_3699 2.jpg

The Psychology Foundation of Canada - Kids Have Stress Too
The Attachment Network of Manitoba
The Circle of Security International - Early Intervention Program for Parents and Children
Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development
Infant Mental Health Promotion - The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
National Association for the Education of Young Children
Saskatchewan Prevention Institute
Vanderbilt University  - Centre on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning
Canadian Child Care Federation
Canadian Mental Health Association
The Psychology Foundation of Canada
Zero to Three - Early Connections Last a Lifetime
Parents Canada - Canadian Parenting Website
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