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Block 1: Building Trusting Relationships (with self care ideas and book reading videos)

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

During this difficult and confusing times, we hope that everyone is doing well whether you are still working, working from home or staying home.

Handle with Care's first building block is Building trusting relationships.

Building Trusting Relationships with children is one of the most important things parents and caregivers can do for children’s social-emotional development.

Click the link for a video.

credits to: tvoparents

Self Care:

Handle with Care promotes self-care for parents and caregivers. Self care is an effective way to promote personal well-being and create a nurturing, loving environment.

Physical Self-care:

1. Massage hands with hand cream

2. Eat your favorite comfort food

3. Have a nap but not longer than 20 minutes so you don’t disrupt your night time sleep

Psychological Self-care:

1. Thank someone today

2. Look at favorite photos

3. Read literature unrelated to work

Emotional Self Care:

1. Watch a comedy and have a laugh

2. Think of something you are proud of and post it on the fridge

3. Write down thoughts

Spiritual Self Care:

1. Meditate/Pray

2. Spend time in nature

3. Think of 3 things that went well today

Book Suggestions:

by Robert Kraus, José Aruego (Illustrator)

credits to: Shannon T. for the video

Written and Read by Robert Munsch

Illustrated by Sheila McGraw

credits to: Mezmorize for the video

Book by Nancy Tillman

credits to : Ryan Devlin for the video

*Click the link for a Youtube video of the book being read

Stay safe and healthy!

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