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Making a Family/Group Tree to strengthen relationships

Positive relationships in children’s lives help them feel good about themselves and build a foundation for future social and emotional well-being.
  • When I feel connected to the important adults in my life, I understand how others feel, I can solve problems, and get along with friends and family.

  • When I feel comfortable, capable, and confident, I can have a friend and be a friend.


Activity: Our Family Tree

Along with your child/children, reflect upon what traits and values are important in your family (I.e. honesty, respect, sharing, caring, etc).

  • You may wish to record important traditions or activities that strengthen the family relationship (I.e. mealtimes, travel, movies nights, picnics, etc).

  • Take some time to think about the different ways you can help your child understand the role of these traits and values in building successful and healthy relationships within your family.

  • Your family tree may be kept in a place that is always visible to remind family members of all the important characteristics that represent your family bond.

  • It may also be a great reference tool in challenging moments or times of disagreement.

This is a great Holiday Time activity and a great way to spend your time together with family.

For Child Care Centre

**It is important to keep in mind adult-child relationships, but also child-child relationships**

What does a healthy relationship need?

Ask children to help you develop a set of “rules” focused on how the group can work together to promote healthy relationships.

For example, in our group we:

  • are kind to one another,

  • use hands for hugs and high-fives,

  • share,

  • celebrate what makes us unique and special, and

  • encourage our friends.


Using the group tree template (or design your own), develop a group tree that highlights all of the traits and values that are important to the group and necessary for establishing healthy relationships (i.e. honesty, respect, sharing, caring).

Our Group Tree (completed by ECE and chi
Download • 775KB

  • Have fun together!

  • Play games, sing songs, go on nature walks, have group picnics…children thrive when they are engaged and connected with one and other.

  • Consider games and activities that encourage children to work together and cooperate!

  • This activity can also be translated into a Holiday theme where all participants share what matter to them for this holiday season (i.e. togetherness, food, snuggles, health)

You can use a Christmas tree with ornaments (words or symbols to represent what is important).


Here's a book Reading of "Bear Stays Up for Christmas"

Enjoy it with the whole family!

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Holidays!
We will be back for more great stuff in 2021.

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